Olive & Reid - Website Evolution

From this...

Kate's original website suited her young business, but Kate now needed a website as beautiful as her lettering, that would deliver on emotional design.

To this...

Kate's beautiful calligraphy is now the star of the show.

The Job

Kate Watson of Olive & Reid Calligraphy Studio asked for help evolving her brand from calligraphy information source to fully-fledged lettering business website.

Now that Kate's work is the star of the show she has started to invite and complete commissions, including beautifully calligraphed invitations for London Fashion Week!

The verdict...

Cat has a fantastic clarity of vision when it comes to brand development. Even I, with many years’ experience in digital marketing, could not have done without her assessment of my website. She was able to clearly articulate what should go where for the greatest impact, and how this all related to the bigger picture of what I am trying to achieve with Olive & Reid Studio. I’m grateful not only for her strategic guidance, but also for the passion she has for my success. I know she brings this passion to all of her clients’ work. Lucky clients!"

- Kate Watson, Olive & Reid Studio

Cat WoodComment