Marie Bradley Psychotherapy - Complete Website

From this...

Marie's original website featured images (not shown) of some of the people she helps; i.e. troubled teenagers and children.

To this...

Marie's new website uses a large banner to demonstrate the solution Marie provides. Below the banner the site clearly explains the specific problems Marie is qualified to discuss and resolve. Including contact details allows her homepage to act as a virtual business card.

The Job

Marie's original website was coming to the end of its useful life. She'd already chosen Squarespace when she came to me for help with designing, building and editing her site.

As psychotherapy is a highly enotional business, we decided on a site with a large banner image that would visually represent the peace and resolution Marie brings to the lives of troubled children and adults.

The verdict...

“I can't recommend Cat too highly - she took a rather weary website and transformed it into something which is really accessible and informative. She took so much trouble to understand what my work was about and to think about who might be using it and for what purposes. Her thoughtful and incisive understanding of the issues was very reassuring and rigorous. I'm delighted!"

Marie Bradley - Marie Bradley Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

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