PA Per Hour - Complete Website

From this...

The original PA Per Hour website did the job, but didn't stand out from the many other virtual PA businesses on the web.


The Job

Clare at PA Per Hour wanted to stand out from the crowd of virtual PAs, whose websites tend to feature either serious business people or angels doing the typing (or a mixture of the two).

I wanted to get across the difference a virtual PA can make to a small business. The homepage banner rotates through three main benefits; getting help with marketing, taking a break, and doing what you do best.

To this...

The new website uses retro black and white images to feature the biggest benefits of using a virtual PA. It suits PA Per Hour's laid-back yet client-driven style.

The verdict...

“I absolutely love the new website! Cat followed the brief of making the site stand out but introduced a quirky visual style to show potential clients the difference I can make to their businesses. Thank you!"

Clare Godfrey - PA Per Hour

Cat WoodComment