Web Design Packages

I offer three Squarespace web design/build tiers to deliver a complete website that brings your business and your brand to life online.


Squarespace Basic

You give me images and final text and I create your site on the Squarespace template of your choice. Includes one complete website with a maximum of 3 pages, live on your domain. Does not include SEO.


Squarespace Pro

You give me most of what I need and we work together to finalise the text and images. Includes one complete website with a maximum of 6 pages with keyword and technical SEO.


Squarespace Specialist

If you need a bespoke design, more than 6 pages, e-commerce features, help with image sourcing or content, or you would like to work with a different platform, I’ll give you a quote.



What makes the perfect website?


Branding & Messaging

A consistent visual image and core message is integral to attracting and retaining customers for businesses large and small. Consistency builds trust and allows your audience to connect with what would otherwise just be a bunch of pixels on a page.

I'll help you understand who you are and identity your core benefits, to shape a message that resonates effortlessly with the people you exist to serve, and build a site that reflects your brand in its words, images and user experience.

From the blog: Why Branding is Vital to Small Businesses



Website Structure

Designing a functional, practical website is both an art and a science. It's an interwoven combination of visual impact and relevant information that reflects the precise needs of its target audience.

I'll work with you to define your audience, empathise with them and their requirements, and ensure that your business and your website provides exactly what they need in a page structure that tells a clear story of you and your benefits.

From the blog: 8 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website



Homepage Design

Like a shop window, your homepage is the first experience many people will have of your business. The main message, fonts, images and overall layout should give them a deep sense of certainty about what you do and whether it's going to be worth their time exploring the rest of the site.

Your homepage should reflect the main traits of your company — whether you're warm and irreverent or deeply professional — everyone has an idea of the sort of people they want to do business with. With my help, it will be impossible for the right customers to resist you.

From the blog: 6 Ways to Make Your Homepage Work for Your Small Business



Page Content and Image Sourcing

If you're a writer, write your content. If not, leave it with me. I can create benefits-driven content from scratch or edit your copy with the keen eye of a conversion copywriter, designing page layouts that fit the words, not just words to fit layouts.

Image choice is hands-down the hardest thing about creating a new website. Using stock photos to bring a consistent look and feel to your entire site is a time-consuming task. We can brainstorm ideas together and work with a photographer or illustrator if we need to.

I'm happy to work with your preferred professionals — whatever it takes to get your website project to the end.



SEO & Continuing Support

SEO is a many-splendored concept involving many skills. I can help you define your business' keywords and use them consistently across the backend and frontend of your website. We can brainstorm blog ideas and come up with a content plan to get your site noticed by Google.

From the blog: The Definitive Guide To Blogging for SEO and 10 Easy-To-Action Squarespace SEO Tips.

Once your masterpiece is finished, leave the launch to me.


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