Content Matters

Your website visitors want to know who you are and whether you've got what they need in the blink of an eye. Keep them guessing for longer than a second and they'll go somewhere else. Show them poor grammar or typos and you instantly downgrade your business to amateur.

If you're building your own website (or getting someone else to do it), I can

  • help you design a homepage that instantly communicates the benefits of your business.
  • build a website structure that reflects both your business and what your audience wants to know about it.
  • write benefits-driven content for individual pages.

Do I Do Blogs?

I love writing my own blog, but I don't write blogs for other people. Most of my clients are sole traders, and I believe the only person who should write a sole-trader blog is the sole trader. You're the expert and only you can communicate the passion that drives you to do what you do.

For blog post ideas and reasons why only you can be the voice of your business, read why your business needs a blog.


The Process

We'll met in person or on the phone and chat about your business and audience. I'll then go away and work on a quotation.

Once you've paid a 50% deposit, I'll get started. Content quotations include two reviews and a final proof.

How Much Does it Cost?

My copywriting service is entirely tailored to your requirements. I charge a daily rate of £350.

To give you an idea, one page around the length of the page you're reading takes on average half a day to write, review and make final edits.